Friday, April 16, 2010


Last night was not good. The lungs did NOT like the walking from the other day (I bet the little bit of nicotine I got didn't help either) and I paid for it.

Very tight. Waking up mid hack.

Suffocation nightmares. Dreaming of cyanosis.

All an indication that I am not breathing well in my sleep.

But I couldn't wake up. I was deep in what I call 'sticky' sleep. I was aware I was not breathing so well but I just couldn't get up for some reason.

Finally battled through the lethargy and took the rescue inhaler at 3am.

Spent the rest of the night feeling the muscles in my lower ribs cramp. Couldn't 'pinch an inch' this morning--the skin on my chest was taut. No audible wheeze though.

Woke up as tired as when I'd gone to bed.

Peak flow 400.

Trying to make it with just the albuterol inhaler.

Feels like a huge step back. Not what I was going for at all.

Well, poop on a Manolo Blahnik.

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