Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In Search of ...My Knees

So I went grocery shopping the other day. It was an improvement over the last time.

I managed to push the cart about half the time before having to turn it over to the husband.

My knees disappeared on me again.

You know, I don't have asthma at all. I have flakey knees that fade in and out like the Cheshire Cat.

What is up with that?

I can't believe how weak I am!

Here I was thinking I might be ready to start exercising next week and now I'm kind of thinking that might be a stretch.


Well, at least the asthma didn't get cranky on me which is progress. I just got really tired and felt like I needed to go to the customer service desk to see if anyone had put my knees in the lost and found box.

Knees, come back. Where are you?

Oh, there you are. How is it you guys only show up when I'm sitting on my ass doing nothing?

Lazy bums.

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