Monday, April 19, 2010


Well, the good news is that each endocrinologist I see is better than the last one. The guy today was decent, but still not quite hearing me.

The hubby was there. He said I communicated well and agreed that the doc just was not hearing what I was saying. Hubby even spoke up and tried to help, but we just couldn't break through.

I think it was a fat bias. All doctors believe if I just lost weight, all my problems would disappear. Even my husband, who managed to watch me go through 4 years of infertility treatments without learning anything, thinks this logic is fallible.

If he can see it...?????

So this doc's perspective is that my weight = high blood pressure.

Okay fine. If my weight is the constant WHY did I have to stop ALL BP meds while on prednisone?

What changed? Hint: It wasn't my weight.

I was still fat the whole time I was on prednisone so...?????

Am I missing something? If I am PLEASE tell me. I mean, my PCP gets it, how could a specialist not?

Today's endo admitted my BP reaction to prednisone was not normal, but apparently not abnormal enough for him to want to do anything. (Are there legions of patients out there who have low blood pressure on prednisone and zero underlying pathology? If so, where are they? Google can't find them.)

Other than that, he was professional and courteous and a teeny bit more open to my input than the last guy. Much better communication skills. Still not quite the best fit for me.

Anyway, on the thyroid front, I guess I really do have Hashimoto's. I got a good, rational explanation of why they wouldn't bother to test for antibodies and feel comfortable accepting the diagnosis now. I need to follow up with more ultrasounds for the nodules, be careful not to take too much iodine (I'm not taking any right now) and avoid cabbage (ironically after I just made a week's worth of gingered cabbage coleslaw).

On a side note, the nurse pissed me off by flat out refusing to enter all the supplements I take into the system. Since some of them cross react with prescription medications, I thought that was irresponsible. I told the medical student as much and she had to input them all.

That is a minor quibble, but still WTF? The medical community says 'tell us everything you're taking' and then you're going to say 'no' when a patient tries to follow directions? Grrrr.

Bad nurse. -10 for you.

From here, I'm going to try one more endo and then I give up. I can't just go to the doctor non-stop. I have a life and a lump that needs to be palpated--got to find time to squeeze that in.

If the 4th guy isn't getting it then a) I must be fine and over-reacting and b) if there is a problem, hopefully, it will become glaringly obvious to someone somewhere so I can get the right care and c)I'll just keep asking 'What about the blood pressure and prednisone?'

I'm not going to let them forget.

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