Friday, April 23, 2010

Too Much (With Apologies to ERs of the World) Updated

Updates are at the end of the original post.

I think I'm in trouble over here.

The plan is to call the NP this morning and just check to be sure giving me estrogen to stop bleeding is the best idea. PCOS is all about estrogen dominance breakthrough bleeding so I'm wondering if we're making things worse?

Because things are worse.

We'll see how far I get with the NP. From there, it's looking like ER time. I don't know if I'll make it to the Monday OB appointment--I think I've lost too much blood. I'm cold right now again and weak, but I haven't started shaking yet so we'll see. I'll be happy if I can hold out until the hubby comes home from work so I don't completely disrupt everyone's schedules for the day.

So...heads up to the ERs of the world and a reminder, as much as I do not look like Selma Hayak, you do not look like Zac Efron yourself. I did my damndest to keep my vagina from offending your delicate sensibilities, but it didn't work so now I need some help, okay?

There are several posts (written a while ago in case you were wondering what my secret was) that are scheduled today so you'll have something to entertain yourself. I think we have the story of my wrist surgery and the pulmonologist that yelled at me.

Update 1: Crap. I'm going to have to go the ER. I'm getting weaker with some dizziness now and don't think I can drive. Not a good sign.

I found this though:

"PCOS results in excess estrogen production and commonly presents as abnormal uterine bleeding." (There's also a relationship with Cushings and since I've been on prednisone for like a month and the last endo said I was definitely suppressed and had exogenous Cushings...)

"Progesterone alone can be used to stabilize an immature endometrium. It is usually successful in the treatment of women with anovulatory dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB) because these women have unopposed estrogen stimulation."


WHY did the NP give me estrogen? I even asked her at the appointment but she assured me it was a Good Idea.

It wasn't. Things are so much worse now. I am not happy.

Essentially, unless some bizarre diagnosis comes in sideways to shake things up, I'm going to go the ER for a progesterone prescription.

And I did everything I was supposed to as a patient and I still get fucked over. Damn it.'

Update 2:
I'm going to the ER as soon as I can--the NP called in progesterone pills but said they don't have the shot. The ER has the shot.

I can't carry a conversation without losing my breath and I am very weak. BP is okay (I imagine because I'm so ticked right now). There's no way I can drive to get the prescription right now. I had some natural progesterone cream handy so I've smeared that all over. I took some iron and C as I have been all along.

I asked hubby to cut out as early as he can.

The thing is I tutor at risk kids and I have to get better because I have a student tomorrow. I've already missed so many sessions from the asthma hospitalization. I have to be there tomorrow--this kid is counting on me. If I miss again, I'll ask them to find another tutor because it's not fair to the student. Which is sad, because we get along well. I've got them believing in themselves.

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