Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am dithering about calling the pulmonologist tomorrow. I got the distinct impression from our last conversation that my job is to 'power through.'

Enter the stomach flu.

Whereupon things have regressed.

I stand up. Then promptly sit down as I get dizzy and the world goes gray.

Do a full body stretch and I get a charley horse that extends from my neck down through my hamstrings. I'm afraid to laugh. It hurts.

Advil alternated with Tylenol is not killing the muscle pain.

Because of the blood pressure machine, I know my BP is 90/60 with a heart rate of 110.

I'm wheezing enough that sleep quality is poor, I wake up more tired than I started.

In the kitchen, I find myself at the dishwasher when the goal was to open the freezer. Almost throwing out the chicken instead of putting it in the fridge. Small mental hiccups that make me nervous about how well I'm really doing.

Some of this could be dehydration and I haven't been taking the usual repertoire of vitamins, which would, I assume, help balance my electrolytes, which, I also assume, are out of whack from the stomach flu. I am working on correcting this--my vitamin habit is earning its keep. I also missed some doses of regular meds, which is probably feeding the asthma. I'm drinking water too and some Gatorade.

Plus, I guess I need even more sugar? Because the chocolate ice cream I found hidden in the freezer (by the hubby) is helping more than I thought it would. I feel like all I've done is eat simple carbs all. day. long. When is it going to be enough? I would like to get back to low carbing asap.

What pushes my worry over the edge are the mental lapses. That is not me. I don't forget what I'm doing/where I'm going, not like that.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. I've made it this far, right? If the stomach flu in full throttle couldn't pull me under, the aftermath can't do any more damage.


Someone say yes. Please.

PS: Blogger is being a bonehead and I don't know what happened to those other posts. I guess I should know better than to make any promises.

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