Thursday, May 6, 2010

Confessions of a Former Zombie

1. I have cold sores. I imagine this is a sign of how mal-adaptive my stress response has been. I've been taking Lysine which is a great nutritional therapy for cold sores. It gets rid of them pretty fast, at least in my experience. The only down side, the pills are huge.

2.I've lost 8 lbs in the last 2 weeks eating the following; pizza, Chipotle, chicken parmesan take out,bread, Sprite, Panera, Saltines by the dozen with butter etc....

What's my secret? Hell if I know. I was pretty shocked at the doctor's office when I saw the number on their scale.

I should've had some cheesecake. And ice cream. Maybe then I would've lost 15 lbs!

While my appetite has been reduced and I doubt I was over consuming even while eating junk food, it is usually physiologically impossible for me to eat that many carbs and lose weight. So I guess we can add surprise weight loss to the list of adrenal suppression symptoms.

I actually try not to lose weight when sick. It is not a healthy way to lose weight and my body eventually hits me with a huge appetite to compensate. So I was really trying to keep things even keel.

I am now back on the low carb wagon. There were just a few days there after the stomach flu where nothing appealed to me and I felt I needed to carb up to help my body recover and refuel from the flu.

3. I feel much better with the 5mg of prednisone. Really amazing. I was just dead before, a shuffling zombie. Now I have energy to feel human. The hubby was shocked at how peppy I was today. Neither of us had really dialed into how low functioning I'd been of late.

Today I did all of the following and did not take a nap!

-Mopped the kitchen and family room floors.

-Made banana flax muffins for and with the toddler.

-Made sugar free 'chocolate cake' muffins for myself.

-Put away the clean dishes, loaded the dirty ones. And will probably do it one more time before bed.

-Cooked dinner.

-Played with the toddler, including some vigorous dancing.

-Did two crafts with the toddler.

-Did the bills.

-Ironed the curtains for the family room.


-Helped the hubby with a presentation for his work.

-Threw out more food--unfortunately, the 5mg came a little late for some of the produce rotting away in the fridge.

This is all the stuff that was not happening before. Or rather, these would all be done on their own day, not sequentially and they would be followed by a nap. Today, the heavy lethargic feeling did not thread through my limbs like a psychic vampire. It didn't become too much work to lift an arm. I didn't have to stop and rest either.

So huge ginormous improvement. I hope this is the beginning of a long sustained upswing that lasts for a super long time. Forever would be good.


  1. Actually, unexplained weight loss is kind of a scary symptom. Are you sure it's the adrenal thing?

  2. Who the hell knows. It's probably going to take some time to sort out which end is up. Right now, I'm just happy to have the energy to live my life.

    Additional testing will be done--we'll see what shakes out then.



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