Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Snap, Crackle & Pop Curse

It only took me a week to figure out that my persistent low back pain was my psoas and not anything in my back. Now that I've massaged the insertion point on the spine, I'm feeling much better.

I guess my body isn't used to all the wiggling and popping Zumba demands.

I'll follow up with some stretches and positional releases and should be as good as new in no time. Sometimes a massage therapy background comes in handy.

My knee has a pronounced clunk, snap, and thunk. It's the same knee I partially dislocated as a teen so I'm not surprised it has resurrected itself as a troublemaker. Given that most of the pain is in the patella, I suspect the patella is not tracking properly. Or something.

Haven't figured out yet what I'm going to do about it. Don't think I can massage my way out of this one though.

However, it's frustrating to be dealing with something that could sideline my exercise aspirations yet again. I would just like my health to leave me alone for a year so I can get back into shape. The last time I was in super great shape, my greater saphenous vein took a big dump and I needed a vein ablation which meant no exercising. It's like a curse. Just when I start to get somewhere, something happens to sideline me.

It makes me cranky.

The asthma is another party pooper. It is cranky too and I don't know why it won't leave me alone. I do need to call the pulmo and ask for a new prescription for the Pulmicort. I was only ever supposed to use the Pulmicort during flare ups, it wasn't supposed to be a daily med. Unfortunately, I've been on 4 puffs a day since March (in addition to Symbicort). I cut back to 3 puffs this week, but the control is not as good as I would like. Anyway, I'm using it way faster than the amount I was prescribed and that needs to be addressed.

Other than that, just trucking along, trying to battle through as best I can. Tomorrow some of my mole biopsy stitches come out.

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