Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Speed Blogging

Because guess who just woke up from their nap?

The toddler.

Who is now yelling for me.

Hopefully she will spot one of the many toys in her crib and be distracted for a moment. The odds on that are high since she stocks her crib as seriously as a buyer for FAO Schwarz.


Working out, going good. Starting to see some strength returning. Actually did 2 workouts yesterday. 30 minutes on the elliptical and a 20min cardio/squat dvd.

The elliptical workouts are progressing from merely standing on the thing and every so often moving a pedal to actual sweat inducing exercise. Yay!

A quick update...after I allegedly broke my toe, I then stepped on the business end of a kitten heeled designer shoe with my instep. Resulting in lovely bruises on both feet. A matching set.

I've also been whomping my knee on various architectural features of the house. So bruises there too. If I keep this up, I'm going to buy myself a knee brace or knee surgery or something horrible that can only happen to knees.

I haven't been this clumsy since I grew 5 inches in one year. Hope it stops soon or I grow another 5 inches, whichever comes first.

Food and appetite are an ongoing issue. Ever since I hurled up an entire head of Romaine lettuce in the midst of the stomach flu compounded by untreated adrenal insufficiency, I haven't been able to look salads or anything else I used to eat in the eye. This about-face in my palate continues to be frustrating.

Know what I had for lunch today? Cheese. Plain cheese. And it wasn't enough calories so I have been feeling kind of crabby and light headed this afternoon. I couldn't convince myself to eat anything else. I'm working on new recipes, but you know how that goes, at least half will be duds, if not more. Lots of inedible kitchen experiments going on around here of late.

As for the toddler...I just got off the phone with the toddler's ped. I am so thrilled that the specialist isn't seeing anything BUT the fact is the problem persists. Also, I have some new info based on the toddler's ethnicity that may be of note. We'll see.

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  1. I find most of my new recipes from

    They have an excellent search facility too.

    Hope you're able to find something yummy.


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