Friday, August 6, 2010

Cornered By Sins of Omission

So you know what? I didn't really tell lots of family about the toddler's specialist deal-io. And now that it's turning into a long, hard slog kind of thing, I need to come clean.

Not sure how to do that in a casual, no biggie kind of way.

"By the way, the toddler will be going to pt" is just going to raise a lot of questions. Such as "Why didn't you tell us?"

To be fair, my parents go off and have surgery and don't even tell me until they need a ride.

So medical secret keeping isn't exactly a new dynamic.

What is new is that I would do it. I'm usually an open book.

But when the ped told me we need to go to a specialist, the sinking feeling in my gut had the pull of a black hole. I just couldn't bear to say anything, my mouth would not open. Emailing and blogging were okay as it turned out. So some people found out by email and then you read about it.

And then I never said anything more.

Do you know I didn't even put anything down on the toddler's medical forms for preschool? She didn't have a diagnosis at the time and I couldn't figure out what to say. I now need to go back and correct that.

So I've spun the web and am trapped in the corner trying to find the graceful way out.

How would you handle it?

P.S. We're off for a family vacation with the grandparents and uncles. Internet access will be spotty just FYI.

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