Friday, October 1, 2010


I'm quickly cutting things down to the basics around here to conserve energy and allow for more time to rest.

1. Exercise has been scaled back since August. For the moment, I'm aiming for twice weekly strength sessions with squats, abdominal work, and push-ups. If i can retain my strength and muscle mass, I hope that a) I won't blow my knee completely and b) returning to exercise won't hurt so bad.

2. Considering paper plates and bowls. The dishes are a chore that hang over me like a guillotine blade. It doesn't take long to do, but if I don't have to wash dishes I can do something else. I just hate the idea of filling the landfill, but the cost/benefit is significant right now.

3.I am canceling events. Not signing up for things (i.e. preschool board of parents and oh do they want me, I'm getting such stink eye on this right now it's not even funny). Re-shuffling things I can't cancel. Such as the toddler's bday party for which hubby is going to have to handle all the cleaning so I can focus on food. I think I have a low work menu going, but it's hard to say since I've never tried to cook before based on doing the least amount of work.

4.Running errands with hubby so I am not driving.

5.Trying to figure out how to work less. Haven't quite got this one down. We need the income and I've accepted some work that I won't bow out of unless I have to, but I also really need to give myself time to wean again.

6.Eliminate, delegate and let go. That's my current motto.

Hopefully this is all temporary. For whatever reason the drop from 10mg to 5mg has just been especially brutal.

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