Friday, November 12, 2010

Sinus Singularity

So the geeks of the world (not doggin', I love me some hot geekery) like to talk about the singularity, the moment when computers become sentient. The odds of that happening are supposed to be good and science is all 'singularity this singularity that, someday machines will rule the world and hello Matrix meets reality'.

Whatever is all I have to say. There are more important things to study.

Like...what I want to know is who is looking at the singularity of boogers? You know, the moment that mucous becomes self aware enough to camp in your lungs and sinuses like a protester handcuffing themselves to the nuclear plant entrance.

Because I got me some sentient boogers and I don't know what to do with them.

Other than to share that this sick stuff? Is getting very old. So OVER it.

As for the adrenals, they are not happy with 3,2,3 alternate day dosing. To the point, I'm afraid to take just 2mg on days I need to drive. 3mg doesn't feel so hot either now. I feel like I've lost ground.

I have no idea what this means or what the right move is. I know my options, but without any blood work to give me some idea of what is or isn't happening with cortisol production, I don't know if I should tough it out or take more drugs.

I haven't completely tanked. But it is very close. Yesterday was bad, I couldn't function after noon and we had takeout for dinner. Today is marginally better but dinner is again looking like Too Much.

Funny how narrow life becomes with illness. I just want to make dinner and maybe do some squats.

How could that be too much to ask?

Anyway, I still had a great day yesterday. It was so good, nothing was going to bring it down. The toddler snuggled with me in bed and treated me to lots of hugs and 'I wuv you mommy'. Who wouldn't like that? Lovely start to the day.

Then we went to a vegetable propaganda and peer pressure event organized by my mother's group. The toddler got to make tomato salsa, corn salsa, fruit smoothies and veggie pizza. She tried everything but the corn, which I made her try one bite before she could have her smoothie. For the record, this is the first corn she has ever eaten in her life. Go peer pressure!

After the cooking, she got to run wild with 7 other kids.

Then we came home and the little neighbor girl came over for a while before nap time.

Later all the neighbor kids came over and 'put on a show' . I didn't understand the plot at all, but I think I clapped in all the right places.

Basically, what I'm saying, is the toddler was an absolute joy and despite the fatigue and other unpleasant adrenal-ness, it was not lost on me.


  1. Our kids keep us going. They all have their moments but my son is an endless source of joy to me.

  2. Every day I waver on a different side of the "should we try to get pregnant" fence. Your posts keep me jumping!

  3. Unpleasant adrenalness. I'm using that next time I see my endo!

  4. Penelope: Saving a boat load of money goes a long way to filling any gaps left by illness. If you have the money, everything will probably work out. People don't usually regret having kids, they just wonder how the hell they are going to survive parenthood. Even healthy people have bad days and face hardship as parents. So my answer continues to be, money. Lots of it.

    Mo: Unpleasant adrenalness seemed to be the best option as I doubt anyone wants the blow by blow account of the yuckier symptoms. :)

    Emily: The toddler is what gets me up in the morning. Literally. Lol.


  5. I love hearing how the toddler is doing. :)

    My unsolicited advice: if the 2/3/2/3 taper isn't working, go back to 5mg for a few days until you feel better, then work down to the dose that was working [sounds like it was 3mg?]. Stay there for a couple of weeks then try tapering again.


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