Friday, November 19, 2010


I didn't make it far after last night's post.

Went to tuck the toddler in for the night and found myself panting my way through Fancy Nancy (the latest toddler obsession. Also, great girlie girl books if you have one of those, which I do. They are packed with vocabulary so also educational.)

It was not asthma. Nothing like it. Just weird shortness of breath.

And as I said the last good night, a flare of electric heat spasmed over my kidneys. The mental image it imparted was one of a 4th of July sparkler. Fizzing, spitting heat, whipping across my back.

I really do believe it's possible to literally burn out your adrenal glands. Mine seem to spontaneously combust on a regular schedule. It continues to be one of the oddest sensations my body has ever produced.

Between the breathlessness and intensified adrenal discomfort, I didn't want to wait to see what was next.

So I took 2 mg. Perked up about an hour later and then started flagging again. Decided to ignore it and just take 5mg this morning. Which I did.

Based on past experience, this should be enough to turn it all around. But the adrenal pain is continuing and I'm not sure what to make of that.

I would be frustrated and angry, but I'm too wiped to get all that worked up about it. Here's hoping I'm up for a good rant sooner as opposed to later.

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