Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Cure for Everything

So a few days ago, when I was so so so low, the toddler came over to me and climbed into my lap saying "Momma, I want to give you a hug and give you some love."

Now, if that is not a cure for all that ails a person, I don't know what is. I immediately felt better.

The dance recital was fun and funny. My old, shoddy camera couldn't get enough light for a good picture of the performance, but I caught a few candids of my girl busting a move before the show.

Reminds me of modern dance from the 60s. Very funky. I love it. She has great musicality even if she doesn't know how to plie or point her toes yet. By the way, the required costume was PJs if you were wondering about the outfit; it's PJs with a dance skirt.

Then we came home and I threw some cookies in the oven to properly commemorate the occasion. We read Christmas stories and then snuggled in our big bed watching a Christmas cartoon before packing her off to her bed.

It was nice.

I think I'm adjusting to the HC. I'm not 100% but I'm not too bad off either. Sometimes I feel perfect, other times I want to stop, drop and nap. The headaches aren't for the faint of heart either. Hopefully with time I can hit 100% like I did right before I switched from the prednisone. For now, I guess I just lay back and enjoy the extra sleep. Nothing I can do but accept it, right?

As you maybe can tell, I've been working on my game face.

Just yesterday was the Preschool holiday program. Which was fun. The toddler had a good time. Which is a polite way of saying she was allowed to eat unlimited amounts of sugar. Ugh. Mommy paid for that later.

She wore her skirt and got lots of compliments (even though it's too big as not only can I not sew, I can't measure waists either). I had a tough time getting a decent pic, the candy cane gangsta shot below was the best I could do, it's just been a rough couple of days for pictures.

And yes that's candy cane red smeared on her face. No, I don't know what happened to her legs. Apparently they are detachable?

Tonight we did more Xmas shopping. I did NOT feel up for it at all, which is why we went as a family. Didn't think I could handle driving and shopping. Pathetic I know, but this is my life. Luckily, the toddler was super super mellow and copacetic, killing us with the cute.

So coasting on her chill mood, we cruised the Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music. She loved it, every single light bulb was admired. Hubby and I got a huge kick of the people with skulls and scarecrows still on the lawn. One house owned just one single solitary strand of lights and they put them up anyway.

They looked lonely.

People are funny.

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