Sunday, December 5, 2010

Life, Rationed

I'm good.

Tired but good.

I have exercised twice.

Can't manage every day and don't know when I'll do more than 20 minutes of squats/kickboxing/zumba/random flailing.

But at least I'm getting my physical strength back.

The mixer is dying. I think I can finish out this holiday with it, assuming the overheating motor doesn't catch on fire*, however a new mixer is needed going forward.

If you are shopping on Amazon at all this year, would you mind using my affiliate link? It doesn't cost you anything, I don't know who orders what and it will help fund a new mixer, which my bum wrist relies on to do the heavy kitchen work.

No doubt, I am not the worst off in this world, but we can't swing a last minute Kitchen Aid purchase either so...if you are moved to do so, please use the link.

Just click and then browse and shop normally.


*This is not really hyperbole consider the motor is truly overheating AND I once had a treadmill spontaneously ignite while walking. I haven't used treadmills since. This is my karma, people. If I don't show proper respect, it kicks my a$$.


  1. Sorry about the mixer. Sometimes Sams Club has them.


  2. Random thought... ok, maybe not so random because in catching up on your posts again, it dawned on me that you keep saying that you're tired. Might you have celiac disease? I know it may seem kind of odd or random, but I'm serious here. I get really tired and brain fogged when I have any wheat (I have celiac), and it oddly enough, realllly affects my breathing, and other things too. Most people think that CD is all with gastrointestinal symptoms, but I have few of the typical symptoms, and actually, most people who have it are asymptomatic. So, that's why I'm asking. And if you have it, going gluten free may be a tremendous help to you. Just a thought to try to help you out. :)


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