Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Note that I am all a-googly-eyed right now. Not sure why, but it's like I don't live in the real world. No, I'm in an alternate reality where cognition synapses as the speed of dead snails.

It's easier to make sense when writing, but I spin circles in conversation. On the off chance, I'm not as together as I think, please excuse any mental lapses. I don't feel like I'm at full mental capacity here.

Yesterday a 20 minute nap turned the world right side up....until I had a minor asthma attack which put me back to feeling-like-roadkill status. Hopefully I can catch a cat nap later.

Anyway, now that I've explained I'm out of mind, we have about 500 feet of snow with a school superintendent who is, I guess, party Husky and school was not canceled.

Me being me, thought, 'well, if the Super hasn't canceled school it must be fiiiiiiiine."

I am a moron.

Who can't drive in snow.

I toughed it out and got the toddler to p-school only to realize there was no point in going back home because I would just have to turn around and come back.

We live 3 miles from pschool. It took 40 minutes to get there today.

Mostly because rush hour was so backed up that the volume on the side roads was bumper-to-bumper insane, complete with random u-turns of people giving up and going home.

So I decided to stay at preschool. Only I hadn't eaten yet and I hadn't brought my purse which has an emergency stash of meds and food. My split dose is supposed to be taken around 10:30. Preschool ends at 11.

Please smack me. Repeatedly.

Again, I am a moron.

Moron. Moron. Moron.

Walking in 8" of snow to a gas station to buy a breakfast of honey roasted peanuts because to drive would take 20 minutes? Not a lot of fun.

Other parents stayed too. One was a nurse (I found out later) and I was feeling so high, I warned them I was a bit light headed as I was worried I wasn't making any sense.

"Is your blood sugar low?"

"Maybe," I said pulling out some M&M I'd bought at the gas station.

"Are you diabetic?"

Answering no I explained, briefly, about my medical f*ckuppery.

And got yet another doctor recommendation back.

Which I shrugged off. How many times have I been told now that so and so is a great doctor? Too many times to count.

The truth remains that unless you exhibit signs and symptoms and test results that are within the realm of a doctor's direct experience, you are screwed. Doctors only seem to be as good as what they know. There is a disheartening inability to extrapolate from their education and it seems they all skipped the chapter as well as the lecture and maybe even the test on adrenal glands.

The thing about me is I am an extrapolator. Not necessarily with medical stuff, but I can take something and abstract it to someplace else intellectually and that process is relatively uniform regardless of the topic. It is incredibly frustrating to me that I continually see physicians who can't stretch their thinking and yet subscribe to this idea that they know everything.

There's more than one kind of stranded.

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