Friday, January 28, 2011


The toddler had her first acute asthma episode last night. Thank Gawd I have asthma and can draw on that experience to help her.

It wasn't a bad attack, there was no retraction and she was nice and pink. However, she couldn't get air out, was wheezing, and had a tight, hoarse cough. She was also panicking. Fighting me. Fighting the inhaler, then the nebulizer. She was terrified.

It seemed like we were headed for the ER.

I rocked her and sang the lullabies I've sung since she was newborn to get her to calm down enough to accept the inhaler.

Then I tucked her in and climbed into bed with her. Just as when she had RSV as an infant, I kept vigil, a finger under her ribs to monitor each breath.

At 4am, she needed the inhaler again and then this morning as well. Now she seems fine other than having a case of the boogies.

Ack. Major momma guilt. I hate asthma. I hate my genetics.

Also, the hubby has to get with it medically. He was arguing with me about it not being asthma. In exasperation, I threw my slippers at him just to get him to shut up as I was in the throes of trying to calm the toddler so she would take medicine and he was just going on and on, amping up the tension, which did not help.

I don't know how anyone can live with me and not pick up a few medical tid bits here and there, but the hubby has managed to avoid any medical knowledge whatsoever. That is going to have to change if the toddler's asthma continues to flare.

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  1. You wrote: "Ack. Major momma guilt. I hate asthma. I hate my genetics."

    I totally understand and empathize. I worry all the time about what I've passed on to my munchkin. I suspect even (relatively) healthy parents worry about passing on genes for things that have plagued them, but I think it's one of those horribly painful parts of being a parent who's chronically ill. Like we don't feel guilty enough for the other ways our illness impacts our kid(s). :-(

    I hope your toddler is feeling better, and the lungs clear out so you don't have more repeats of that night anytime soon!!


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