Saturday, April 2, 2011

In the Teeth

The taper is good. I'm tired but otherwise fine. I'm going to try to updose my next big exercise day and see how that flies my freak flag.

In other news, I have 5 cavities.

And the dentist doesn't believe I floss.

To which I say, if I'm lying about flossing, why then does the toddler filch used dental floss from the garbage because she is so freaking obsessed with the stuff?

Why does she get angry if the piece I give her (fresh, not from the garbage) isn't as long as mine?

Could it be because she sees me flossing my teeth all. the. damn. time? Huh? Could it?

Dental floss fetishes don't come out of nowhere you know.


Mean dentist. Baaaaaad dentist. Good thing they were just a sub.

The truth is, I have crappy teeth. I've only not had cavities twice in the last ten years*. Although usually it is just one cavity, but I have been avoiding the dentist until recently. So five it is.

The last time I had one filled, the nerve slyly eluded the Novacaine**.


*Which is why I will be sealing, or whatever you call it, the toddler's teeth as soon as humanly possible to spare her my bad teeth karma.

**Sometimes I wonder if I am the only person on earth who is incapable of receiving medical care without some kind of calamity occurring. Does this stuff happen to you too?


  1. my kid sister had a tooth evade Novacaine. And they were removing it.

    The dentist refused to beleive it wasn't adequately frozen, so she broke his nose.

    Lucky her, she was too young to be charged criminally at the time.

  2. If you have a dry mouth or are a mouth breather, you will have more cavities. I chew sugarless gum. It helps!


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