Thursday, May 5, 2011

This Post Is Supposed to Be About the Dog, but I Digressed

Hi. I'm bleeding to death.

It's like deja vu over here.

Only this time I know what's going on and have some drugs to deal with it.

So maybe I can stay out of the ER, the OB's and the PCP's office. (You know, last time it took 3 medical visits to deal with my va-jay-jay. Am I a flasher or is medicine just inefficient?)

On the steroid front, I'm doing alternate day dosing 7.5mg and 10mg. 10 mg feels much better than 7.5mg.

That sucks. Serious loss of ground there. It's like the HPA axis took its toys and went home.


I think the I'll be going to the lab for a stick next week. Still need to call the lab to see what time they open and verify the order is there waiting for my veins to visit.

Toddler had PT yesterday and I left the appointment feeling sad. First, she fell again. Not a bad fall, but the same fall she's been doing since she learned to walk, which is very frustrating after all this work. Then the PT told me she was seeing lots of "red flags" and we really need the OT eval asap.

Cue sad momma followed later by poppa. The toddler is smart and sweet and hiding the red flags at pschool, so hopefully it will all end well. Until then, we will worry.

The big news... our dumb dog unplugged the freezer. Which we did not discover until after all the meat had defrosted.

So I now face the task of cooking roughly 30lbs of meat today. Due to that dumb dog you see to the left. (Yeah, he looks cute but FYI he eats poop and smells like it too. So do his farts. And burps. Which he is not above passively aggressively entering the room where you are just to fart and then leave. He's not cute enough for that.)

Cooking it is one thing, eating is a whole other problem. I've got 3 roasts, 2 flank steaks, 2 pkgs of ground turkey and 24 boneless chicken breasts. All need to be cooked between today and tomorrow, but there is NO way we can eat it all.

We are thinking of having the neighbors over for BBQ chicken. Wanna come?


  1. Oh yuck. At least you found out about the unplugged freezer right away.

    My mom's freezer in the basement lost power and she didn't realize it for a long time. It was a horror.

    I actually called those specialized 'crime scene' cleaning services to try and deal with the rotting meat.

    So, while cooking a LOT of meat sounds like a lousy way to spend your day; at least you won't have to destroy your freezer with fire!!

  2. Is your freezer still working? Can you freeze the cooked food?

  3. You don't have to eat it all! You can freeze cooked meat.

  4. The freezer is fine, just had to be plugged back in and in such a way that his butt can't unplug it.

    I'm planning to freeze what I cook, there is no way we can eat it all. But cooked chicken is not my fave to freeze, so we're trying to eat it up. We gave 12 of the breasts away.



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