Monday, May 23, 2011

Tornados and Chornic Illness

So we are in the basement waiting out a tornado warning. The storm is surprisingly mild despite the hail. We haven't even lost power. I've been in a few tornados and this is calm like the creepy movie villain you expect to be a sociopath, only to learn s/he actually supports orphans in Africa. Cognitive dissonance big time.

Twenty minutes down the road? There's a collapsed exterior wall at the local mall. Waiting to hear if there are injuries.

The one thought I had was, how do I make sure my meds survive the apocalypse with me?

Have you ever thought about that?

I had a mental picture of me huddling over my pills because goodness knows I would have to updose to survive if a tornado took the house.

This would be the year to amp up your natural disaster preps.

Guess how many tornados so far this year?


In an average year we have just 500. Not even 6 months in and we're are up 100%.

Same goes for deadly tornados.

On average the US gets about 20, but this year? We're at 50.

We have emergency preps. Solar flashlights. Crank radios. I did a pretty good job of grabbing wallets, purses, keys and meds, bringing them to the basement with us. But I sure didn't feel prepared. Not by any stretch of the imagination.


  1. The really crazy thing is that I lived through a tornado nine years ago, and I STILL haven't done anything to increase our preparedness beyond buying a house with a basement. It's shameful.

  2. I've literally been in the eye of two tornadoes (while not at home, but in my hometown), that train-like cah-chug-chuga-chug noise is freaky. I still would probably end up with a pair of epipens and a ventolin or two to my name if we were hit cause I probably wouldn't think to grab my meds basket as we hit the deck.

  3. So scary...I'm s busy gathering flashlights and animals that I never think of my meds. Hopefully next time I will remember. You Guys OK?

  4. Yes we are okay, for us it was a wimpy storm. I'm starting to hit the wall. Too much going on! I need the ride to stop so I can get off for a few minutes.

    M (Pissed off patient)


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