Friday, August 5, 2011

My Shot at Prevention

Saw the pulmo. Ever so slowly I think things are gelling the way I had hoped.

No more denial of adrenal issues and some actual discussion of how to handle this in the future (aka they got a letter from the endo).

Even seriously considering my oft proposed idea of adding nebulizer steroids* to the mix (aka building a better nebulizer treatment).

This is major progress.

So so so glad I don't have to find a new pulmo. For the first time, I am hopeful we can work through this.

The trick is going to be keeping this momentum going for 4-7 years until the next big asthma blow up. The double-edged sword of my brand of asthma is that, while I am stable for long periods, this is long enough for everyone to forget how bad my lungs and HPA axis can be.

Even I am lulled into complacency.

But, for once, I think I have a shot at preventing HPA axis suppression. A year too late and it was way harder than it should have been, but I'll take it and be glad I have it.

*Yes, yes, I know the studies say the inhaler is just as good etc... blah blah blah, but I have always responded better to the nebulizer for whatever reason. Inhalers are fine for mild asthma, but go-to-the-ER level asthma requires the extra je ne sais quoi of a nebulizer.

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