Monday, September 19, 2011

Some Good-ish News

No weight loss, but I have shrunk enough to:

1. Wear those jeans I was talking about, I think, last Fall. I recall writing something about needing to lose a little bit more weight so they would fit better. That didn't happen, but they fit me now.

2.See that my arms are smaller. I can tell by the fit of some shirts that used to be tight. Thanks to genetics and steroids, I have underarm acreage that, given enough momentum, could be used as a weapon. It's not unusual to have issues with fitted blouses as the arms are out of proportion. So this was a welcome change.

I credit 1&2 to the idea that I've been replacing fat with muscle.

3.Go shopping in my closet for a fancy outfit to wear dancing. A nice knee length flared skirt that spins beautifully on the dance floor, and a lightweight cardigan set.

Given how often I take steroids and how little control I seem to have over my weight, I buck conventional wisdom and hold on to both the skinny and fat clothes. I'll purge stuff that I don't love or that won't keep (dress pants, for instance, do not store well), but I keep my favorites.

Between pregnancy and steroids, this strategy is paying off. I haven't had to buy many clothes.

With one caveat, I recently decided to invoke Murphy's Law of Weight Loss Plateaus by purchasing some pants that will fit me now. I've tried to hold off, but I haven't lost any weight in almost a *swear word* *swear word* year. I need some clothes. Some of the stuff I've been wearing is not holding up. Jeans are durable, but not if you wear the same pair every dang day.

I figure, once I have clothes that fit, the weight will change. Because isn't that how it always goes? Now, whether the scale goes up or down depends on how perverse Murphy's Law is that day.


  1. Ee gads, yes! I know the Murphy's Law of clothes. I know it well. When (if) I own a house again and have closet and storage space, I will be able to hang on to all the skinny and heavy clothing. Right now, I try to engage in a practice like yours - purging ones I don't love and keeping the ones that are good but just don't fit right now. I bought pants in the Spring. Then lost 15 pounds (and counting) over the summer. Time to bust out the skinny pants again. Meh.

  2. Oh wow. Isn't it amazing to fit into jeans from the past?



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