Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Sick Shimmy

It's been a while, huh? Sorry. I'm swamped. There's all my stuff and then all the toddler schlepping, which is beyond crazy. I don't know whether I'm coming or going these days.

Sharp contrast to the adrenal days when I did nothing. Sometimes I wonder if I'm overcompensating now because I cannot believe how busy I am. Surely I didn't do this much before?

Not only does the toddler go to OT, PT, and then EI, but I signed her up for a therapeutic horse program. After she got so frustrated that she threw her shoes at the PT, I thought it might be time to look for something more fun than challenging. This seemed to fit the bill. However, it is also Another Thing To Do which I need like a hole in the head.

Well, too busy or no, she had her 'meet the horse' session this past week. HUGE smile on her face.

This is her horse. Note the hairy eyeball. It's relevant. And yes, that's a slice of the toddler.

The poor horse has Cushing's. Bwahahahaha. I'm being stalked by adrenal sh*t. They told me they weren't sure how effective the treatments were and that she was their best horse for little kids because--get this--she just stands there.

Yeah, because she's so f*cking tired. That's why. Let's f*ck up your HPA axis and see how fast you move!

Poor thing looked miserable the entire time and I had total empathy. I hope I'm wrong and the horse enjoys the interaction, but my gut feeling was she's not happy. I felt like I was participating in animal abuse.

I hope the regular sessions use a different horse. One that doesn't make me feel like I'm doing something bad.

Speaking of abuse, I exercised for three hours yesterday and now I'm sick. This amount of exercise was not planned. I did Zumba in the am, declined a free pm class only to be invited to a 'Girl's Night Out' at another studio that had a free Zumba class followed by belly dancing. (Yes, my life is full of free Zumba with a side of belly dance, aren't you jealous?)

I am a sucker for dance, especially belly dancing. So off I went. I did the Zumba class because I was afraid they wouldn't let me do the belly dance otherwise. And I really wanted to wiggle it, just a little bit.

The belly dance class was phenomenal. The best instructor I've encountered to date. Really superb. (See also: Flattery will get you everywhere. I was told I was a natural and had good lines which is like a major compliment in dancese.) The zumba was meh. Very aerobic-y and my preferred brand of Zumba relies primarily on booty popping to raise the heart rate, so I phoned it in partly wanting to take it easy and partly because the choreography was boring.

However, did you know that a shimmy is equivalent to running? Ignorant of this fact, I shimmied my ass off. Once my hips wind up, they don't stop.

I was too sore to sleep and today I've been sneezing all over the place, completely run down and shimmied out.

So not cool.

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