Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Twilight Fiasco

The endoscopy ran into some complications.

Namely that I am not a good candidate for Twilight anesthesia.

Their words, not mine.

I have a vague memory of choking and a flurry of activity, but I did not wake up.

Unfortunately, I didn't have to be awake to be a problem.

I was restless. Fighting the scope. Clawing at my mouth.

They gave me more Demerol. More Versed (sp?). Enough Benadryl to knock out Godzilla and I still fought.

After 45 minutes (for a 10 minute procedure) they gave up.

I am now the weenie patient who needs a surgical consult for whatever is the next level of anesthesia after twilight.



  1. Can't they go through your nose instead of your throat? Perhaps you have a bad gag reflex when they go via the throat?

  2. Heck if I know! I think the deal is I didn't sedate enough to not protect my airway, because I have flashes of memory. I wasn't fully conscious like the first time, but I wasn't totally out this time either.

    This is more than an endoscopy as they want to do an internal u/s to check out the...biliary? duct to see if that's the cause of the nagging RUQ pain.

    I don't know if they can do all that through the nose or not.

    Also, if you are going to post anonymously, please assign yourself a name to sign your comments with. Thanks.


  3. Ugh, sounds terrible. I had an endoscopy like that when I was a teen. I describe it as "someone trying to shove a garden hose down your throat". You're out of it enough to not be able to be reasonable about their requests (that you not fight, slap, punch, kick, etc) but not out of it enough to be dopily compliant. Yuck.


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