Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quick List

1. The toddler may graduate from PT soon-ish. Squeeeee!

This does not mean that the falls have stopped. I don't think they will, not any time soon. But we have seen progress in physical ability and control. Big picture? I can take her to a park and she actually plays. Before? She just stood there unless you took her by the hand because she didn't trust her body to be there for her.

We're going to take a break over Christmas and see if she regresses. OT will continue as she just started in July and has a ways to go still.

2. By the way? She'll be 4 tomorrow. *bawl* I don't know where the time goes.

3.I lined up 4 jobs to try and keep my schedule open for various therapy appointments for the toddler as well as to maintain flexibility for if I get sick (I'm still a little skittish.). What are the odds that all 4 would be a bust? For me, apparently 100%. Very frustrating. It breaks down like so:

1.Writing. Guess what? Great reviews from big review sites don't do sh*t for sales. However, I am building a 'brand' whatever the hell that is. Based on reviews of my work so far, an author is featuring my book in their newsletter for their fan base. There's all sorts of positive energy, but no actual cash. Screw the energy, I need the cash.

2.Tutoring. Students continue to not show up which means I don't get paid. The whole program is a waste of federal tax dollars. 1 student in 3 years actually finished the program. ONE. The rest drop out because their home environment and mental health are so unstable that reading and math are the least of their concerns.

3.School program coordinatorwhatsit. Another federal program, this time one with a great reputation. Funding is still pending (it will come, but who knows when) so start date has been pushed back three times.

4.Contract tech work. Ill-suited to my talents, which combined with sh*tty training? Disaster. I'm giving it a month and then I'm going to quit and possibly file some kind of complaint somewhere official. It's not a scam, but it's shady.

My preference would be full-time something, but I held off due to the toddler, my own wobbly recovery, and the fact we may be relocating for the hubby's job. Hopefully, we will hear more on that soon because the waiting is getting old.

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