Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crash Boom Clean

I'm tired, man. Just too much tired. Slept all night with the electric blanket on high and didn't get hot. Being that cold is something I associate with adrenal weirdness. Usually I fry and turn it off.

My back and stomach were also throbbing and aching this morning. Sustained throbbing like that hasn't happened in a while.

I need to clean. House guests arrive today.

The toddler is so excited about cleaning, she's trying to drag me by the hand to get going.

But I just can't wake up.

Sitting with the computer is about my only speed today.

I need to wake up. I should eat something. Possibly starting with 5mg of steroids.

Some notes:

1.No weight gain from the sugar. In fact, I lost some water weight I'd been retaining.

2. Watched the Nutcracker live with the toddler last night. So adorable. She wore her fancy dress-up dress and danced. Really special night for us, something I will always remember. Her sense of wonder was precious. She watched the whole thing, it held her attention even though it went way past her bed time.

3.The cookies... Butter to flour ratio matters in humid weather. The proof is below. The lemon sugar cookies spread easily, the molasses were all uptight about it. Next time, more butter for them!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the fatigue. Hope it turns around.

    A toddler excited about cleaning?? WOW!


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