Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Monday Report

Woke up super tired. OMG. Horrid fatigue. It's like a Dementor trying to put my Krebs Cycle in Azkaban.

(That may not make any actual sense, but it sounded so good, I had to leave it.)

Immediately abandoned any notions of exercise as foolhardy.

Took the toddler down to lunch with hubby and then to poppa's for Xmas cookie baking and decorating. She ate non-pareils by the handful while I tried to work on an ebook project.

Came home and decided to walk. It was a balmy 40F, so why not? Except it was actually a more frigid 20 eff this sh*t something, but hubby and I went anyway.

Then the toddler and I went hard core Xmas shopping while the hubby worked on the guest room and bath. Christmas this year is on meth and Red Bull. It's in full frontal assault mode and we're just short on elves at the moment.

The toddler has an advent calendar. Every day she counts how many days left to Christmas and I get this sinking pit of horror in my stomach as aaaaaaaall the things that aren't even close to being done start running through my head. I hate that farking calendar.

So for two hours, we traipsed from Kohls to Target and back. As of yesterday, the extended family Xmas is this weekend. (Along with a college graduation.) We were nowhere near ready but I think I pulled it together. (Oh God, I hope I didn't forget anyone or anything.) Now just to do all the baking I'm expected to produce.

The pisser is not all the presents I ordered (last week-I was working on it!) will arrive in time. Some people will get IOUs. This New Year's Eve wedding is mucking up the whole holiday season for the family and causing hard feelings. Do not recommend. Not a good way to start off with the in-laws.

Fortunately, I was pretty awake and alert in the evening. WTF is that about? I'm not the only adrenal person who experiences that. The adrenals did begin to ache with the shopping but once I finally stopped for the night, it was fine.


  1. Way to go accomplishing so much whilst still feeling like garbage

  2. I'm waiting for my Mania to kick in but it's not happening. All I want for Christmas is my mania! Thanks for commenting on my blog, money is so tight for us. My son is on state family care for health insurance. I don't know how they are on PT or OT. I just pray we are able to meet his needs. emilyandtylercullen@gmail.com if you would like to keep in touch, I'm having a blog comment problem.


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