Sunday, December 11, 2011


The farmer's market Saturday was interesting. They are really cheap with the Nutella. The hubby makes better crepes.

In an effort to be good, I had the crepe with ham, eggs and cheese and only tasted the Nutella one. They were cheap with the ham and eggs too. One egg. A transparent sliced of ham. I'm not sure I saw any cheese.

$18 we paid for that.

We had a good time despite the crepes being a bust. Picked up some fresh veggies and fruit. Bought some carrots simply because they were as thick as my wrist. Veggies on steroids.

Energy was rough in the morning. GI upset arrived in the afternoon, but was maybe milder than it's been. Some back pain. I took a nap before I felt ill, so maybe that helped. Who knows?

Only ate the crepe and a salad the whole day. I think because I had cheesecake and falafel late the night before.

We were supposed to share the cake, but then the hubby whined about his long lost love Tiramasu, so we got two pieces. Except the toddler hates cheesecake.

Don't you hate it when you're supposed to be sharing cake, but you get to eat the whole thing?

Yeah, me neither.

Although, truth be told, the cheesecake wasn't really worth the calorie bomb.

Don't you hate it when junk food lets you down?

Yeah, me too.

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