Friday, December 30, 2011

Proud Kleenex Hoarder

No one is nearly as sick as I am, which means all the Kleenex is mine and we might still be able to pull off this wedding. Just waiting to see how the babysitter fares as they still aren't sick at all.

The toddler is sneezy and blew her nose once. Hubby had a sore throat and was tired, but says he's fine today.

So long as there's someone healthy enough to do the driving (hint: not me) and the toddler is not seriously ill, we can still do this thing.

No weight gain, unless you want to get picky about 2 ounces, which will probably be gone with the next sneeze. I've been eating pretty well too. I guess I just needed to be surrounded by forbidden carbs. With the cold, I'm back to missing meals and forcing myself to eat.

Spent all of Thursday in bed. Kept trying to wake-up but couldn't and didn't go upright until 1pm. Today I was out of bed by 8am, but am planning to go back. The stress dose has stayed at 5mg, which does not feel like enough, but since I'm not doing anything but sleeping and the asthma is controlled, I'll leave it. For the wedding it will need to go up though.

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