Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rush Crush

Tuesday was better energy wise. Still had flank pain and some fatigue, but it was not as prohibitive.

I would say I'm similar to how I felt right after stopping steroids in June and I am trying to work up the will to stress dose this weekend. Just 10mg so I can function after the tremendous crush to get everything done on very short notice. It's just I hate steroids. Even if they will help me.

Experienced normal hunger and didn't know what to do with myself. Truly, it's been so long, I wanted to poke my stomach and tell it to shut up, why are you talking to me? Instead, I fed it.

Spent the day mostly prepping for Christmas. OMG so much to do. But I think I can finally stop living at Target. I was starting to believe it would just be more convenient all around if I took some of their bedding, made a nest with crib mattresses and just camped behind the holiday display.

Now it's time to segue into the baking portion of the 2011 Holiday Olympics. Two kinds of pies. Four kinds of cookies. In quantities to cover 40 people. This happens to be my gold medal event.

I also worked. Agh. Crazy night. Some safety issues with the kids. I brought some stuff up to the director and will be talking to the regional director for the program as well. Got home and was wiped out. Heavy limbs and weakness joined the general background fatigue.

Then the oddest thing happened, I ate and ate and ate. Huge carb load and felt fantastic. So I wonder if maybe the blood sugar is just running low sometimes? The strange thing is, I ate a good amount yesterday and increased the carbs with potatoes. There was no reason to need a big carb load feedbag like that. I don't know what it was, but it left me very pleasantly buzzed.

Or maybe my body is starting operation regain? I've noticed it's hard to maintain weight loss due to illness, although I've held off all but two pounds of it so far.

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  1. Could you get a finger poke machine and check it or are those uber expensive? Interesting about the Carbs. If you're reluctant to do 10 mg maybe try 5 mg then allow yourself to take another 5 mg if it's bad? I once had bad nausea and 2.5 mg helped (maybe it was coincidence) AND I'm not the poster child of success by any stretch.


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