Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chugging Along

More fatigue today than yesterday. I think. I didn't quite wake up until around 3pm yesterday, so it wasn't like I was bursting with energy, but today just seems 'tireder' for whatever reason.

However, I think things are, overall, improved. Possibly because stress dosing doesn't leave me buried in fatigue and a strained system failing to meet demand. I'm staying out of the hole!

Or maybe things are just getting better.

Or maybe it's both.

We'll see what shakes out. Tomorrow I hope to go to Zumba and I will stress dose for that since it will be the first time since October.

Our visiting relative left this morning and the toddler goes back to school today, meaning the holidays are over for us. It was fun. I'm going to miss them (both the holidays and the relative).

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