Sunday, January 8, 2012


So because the sack of flesh I inhabit is incompetent, things got a little crisis-y last night.

Let me back up.

First, the hubby and I got a sitter and went for an hour long walk. The weather has been so nice that, even if my lungs are trapping air like a starving hunter, I just can't sit and watch it go by.

I was going to take just 2.5mg, but was not feeling so hot and upped it to 5mg feeling lots of steroid guilt as I did so.

There's no way to know if a dose is too little or too much until I take it. Likewise, the distinctions between too little, too much and just right are hard to articulate. I feel 'off' when the dose is too much. I feel 'adrenal' when it's too little. And just right is fantastic, but rare and tenuous as a double rainbow.

My thought yesterday that 5mg would be too much and I was doing it wrong, but actually it was a good choice. As we walked, I felt strength and energy coming online. It wasn't too much, it was just enough.

But not enough to save me from struggling with energy later or to avoid GI problems. Once again, it came out of nowhere. Once again, we ate the same food and I was the only one sick. I tried to deny it was adrenal, but, when I started shivering from cold, 'not adrenal' was a hard thing to believe. Then I got up to 'run' to the bathroom and all I could manage was the sad zombie shuffle.

Thankfully, I did not throw up, just was wracked with nausea for hours and hours. Thankfully, the electric blanket heated me right up and I was able to become warm enough to turn it off, a positive sign that the worst was over.

Today I am sneezy (low immunity), zero appetite and physically tired with heavy limbs. But I think I can out rest it. Just have to remember that major life stress on top of physical activity might require more steroids than I would normally take.

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  1. Take it easy. Last night sounds scary. Hang in there.


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