Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Glitz and Cold Medicine of a New Year

I wore the shoes! I tried them on for the hell of it and my ankles did not start whimpering 'timber'. I could actually walk. So I wore the shoes. My guess is that some good came out of that squat work out--it seems I built the strength necessary to manage such stiletto heights.

Got compliments on the dress from people I didn't even know. A high five after a fast jive. (Note: We wing it completely. We are not formally trained ballroom anything, but we both danced folk.You can translate a lot from one genre to a next if you're willing to be creative and not care what you look like doing it.)

(Also, I did not dance in the shoes. I'm not an idiot. I bring flats.)

Had a great time. Both of us were sick as dogs though. I had a good start to the day and then promptly deflated. The car ride down, we both nursed hot tea and squabbled over the last dose of cold meds. Then we laughed at how silly it was to be so miserable to where you're fighting over drugs on the way to a party.

Steroids got me through along with the asthma inhaler on the dance floor. The steroids made the night possible. I felt so normal, so ready to burn up the floor. Like it was just a mere cold, not the anti-Christ in viral form. The hubby is lucky that sweating helps him kick colds, so a couple hours on the dancing actually helped him.

I'm still sick but I think it's time/safe to get rid of the steroids. I'm going to give it one more day at 5mg just to boost me through the post-dancing/travel/virus period and then stop.

The best part so far has been the homecoming. This was our first big night out since the toddler was born. I am awash in kisses and hugs and 'yays you're home'. Trying to hold on tight to that because watching my teen cousins last night made me realize this won't last.

Happy New Year!


  1. Excellent! I'm so glad you were able to go and enjoy yourselves.

  2. WOW! Sounds like you had a blast. And those shoes! Happy New Year! -- Leah


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