Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stopping Steroids and Staying Fat Against My Will

I stopped the steroids today. I will miss feeling normal. I can't believe how huge a help they were with that cold (which has put the hubby on antibiotics as of today). I took 10 mg total the day of the wedding, an extra 5mg at dinner and wow! I could enjoy myself without a lack of energy holding me back.

This maybe means that the 5mg I was taking for the cold was too low a stress dose. Except last time, 10mg seemed like too much. But that cold was not as bad as this one...?

So far today, feeling blech.

Headache. Cranky. Tired.

Doesn't help that I've gone back to strict low carbing at the same time. Would really really like to lose weight this year and GET IT DONE ALREADY.

Oh my God, I'm so sick of trying to lose weight. The only magic trick in my metabolism's repertoire is not gaining weight. I can't seem to trigger loss unless I have an adrenal crisis.

At least my body is taking the crisis loss as the new set point--whatever I do, the number is the same. Too bad it's not a million pounds less than the last one.

And I've decided, after reading other people's holiday gain reports, that it is weird I didn't gain weight. Like ANY weight. I ate pints of ice cream and nothing.

Christmas Eve, I essentially had one bite of everything so I could save room to eat a quarter of a pumpkin pie for dessert. And then have more. Nothing. Not even water weight, which has happened never.

The steroids eliminated the anti-hunger for the most part. I didn't meet a carb I didn't eat for over a week. Nothing, even though I was on steroids almost the entire time.

WTF is that about? And why can't I leverage that dynamic into weight loss??????????????????

I'm not any where near my goal weight either. So it's not the usual slow down you see for the last 10 pounds.

So anyhoo, I stopped steroids and I'm still fat, but can eat pretty much whatever I want without gaining. Hide your pies.

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