Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter Carnival

I don't know if I'm sick, but I have felt better. Much better.

Fatigue has been bad. I guess I should have taken steroids yesterday??? Still sorting out the rules on this and still trying to get by without whenever I can.

But it looks like I have another kinda sorta cold. One medication can't touch. Nothing is giving me relief. Not allergy meds. Not cold meds. Nothing. However it is not as bad as the last one, it's just the constant itch-sneeze in my nose that is driving me up the wall.

On the fatigue front, I have been so weak, I couldn't climb stairs without resting. I'm back to needing to lie down in the afternoons. Not eating much either.

And the asthma hack is on board.

Oddly enough there's this aerobics bunny bitch bouncing around in my psyche suggesting we go out for a walk. Or do some squats. Or hey, what about some push-ups? I have no idea where this drive to exercise is coming from because I am in no shape to do anything.

Fortunately, she shuts up when I'm asleep.

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  1. I wonder if your body is on histamine overdrive....sort of sounds like it could be the case. Or just one of those multi-part colds. God I hate those.

    I hope you feel better soon.


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