Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Report

Friday sucked. The most adrenal crapola day I've had yet. Not sure what the trigger was, I just sort of slowly deflated to that point. I also had those low immune symptoms--sore throat, feeling like I'm coming down with a cold--but I couldn't tell you why.

Toddler is now 46 1/2" which is completely off the growth chart (although I have seen kids taller). She's also been going through a rather unpleasant phase. Lots of bad attitude. We signed her up for a karate class, which we bartered our services as slaves to cover the tuition. The instructor is going to be so good for the toddler. Boundaries. Respect. We have those at home, as I'm actually kind of strict, but this is a whole new level and it's great to have help.

Also, she'll never have the right physique for dance, but martial arts might be a good fit for her long term. We'll see. I watch her and I can picture her at competitions when she's older. Assuming she ever graduates from PT.

This blog post has no plot. Sorry. I used all my plot up last week.

Wrote 20k words. This week is focused on editing to get two stories up and out into the world. I also worked some promo and hit 12 on the Hot New Releases list on Amazon as well as their top 100 list, that was pretty cool, albeit short lived.

I have been working very hard to pull this together. It is going very well, knock on wood, kill a chicken and do a voodoo ritual naked under a full moon etc.... The downside is I have no time for anything else and it's the kind of work that sucks you in. I don't remember much about Sunday other than the stories I worked on, for example. The rest of the world faded away--it's like that when I read too.

Then when I go to bed, I can't shut off my brain. Even cheesy, lowest of the low genre writing is like working a mind twister 24/7. So I talk to the hubby, but he just wants to sleep. Last night he finally suggested if I was so wired that I go downstairs and work on his research paper for school. Anyway, it's all consuming. I hope it's not the reason the adrenals are tanking.

Interestingly enough, on Friday when I felt so bad, I couldn't work. I had to take the day off. Which is why I hate being adrenal, it eats your brain up.

Exercise has been in and out. I got in one workout last week and then took it easy after that as I didn't feel well. Not sure how it will manifest in my life this week.

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