Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not Funny

So it would appear that 2 1/2 days of food poisoning is not be enough.

Now we have pink eye.

With a side of cold germs.

I shit you not.

Further, the timing is really bad for me as I have some real life face-to-face stuff that cannot be put off as it is very important.

So I took the toddler to the pediatrician and then called my doc to beg for meds STAT figuring I had pink eye despite the lack of symptoms.

That was a very good call on my part as my tear ducts are now red and bulging in both eyes.

There's more chaos, but I'm holding off on full disclosure until the real life stuff really gets real.

My goal now is to not infect anyone and to hopefully not look like I smoke a shit ton of pot in my spare time.

Oh yeah, the adrenals are pissed. Naturally.


  1. You just can't catch a break, can you?
    However, I just want to say that you accomplish more with less health than I ever did when my kids were preschoolers.

    You are my energy inspiration!

  2. Food poisoning sucks! Hard to keep hydrated when your body is rebelling. Glad you got through it...


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