Saturday, March 31, 2012

That Didn't Take Too Long

The second I had the thought "I've been feeling pretty good, my energy is great, I want to exercise," I became congested, sneezy and tired.


I'm going to try and out-sleep it unless it becomes a full blown cold.

The GERD is rumbling too and I don't know why--I'm eating all the same things I always do.

My knee is purple and red all over the patella. It functions fine*, but hurts like a mofo if anything touches it.

Naturally, this means the toddler now kicks, bumps and rams my knee on a regular basis. I've slammed it into a few things myself, along with the other knee. It's a curse.

If I was into tattoos I would get a bullseye.

*For walking and daily life--not going to push things with actual exercise as it can get a bit achy.

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