Thursday, April 12, 2012


The editing isn't going well, so hello. Here I am at my favorite procrastination spot.

Someone died yesterday and I officially think my life qualifies as a natural disaster of late. The evidence:

1.Someone hit our car and ran, leaving us with the deductible. The irony is this was the same lot where someone accused us of hitting their car years ago. They got a full police investigation, which included a home visit to inspect our bumper for paint. Since we didn't hit anyone, we were exonerated by the lack of evidence and they moved on. When someone hits us, no one cares. We got a shrug and a form to fill out.

2.Hubby broke his rib.

3.Toddler stomach flu.

4. Relative with cancer.

5.Another relative just passed on. Unexpectedly.

6.Our state-of-the-art fridge is on the fritz and requires repair. Contrary to popular belief, more computer chips do not make everything better. Personally, I want appliances with fewer things that can break.

7.The dryer is sparking. Granted, I have no right to complain as it belonged to my grandmother and has outlived her. The thing dates back to the 80s, but does it have to blow up right now this very second? Really? All I can say is, I bet my super expensive*, extra smart computer fridge would never last more than a decade.

(By the way, you do know the Gremlin Effect is real, right? I think I have a double dose.)

8.My book was filtered and all the income I'd built vanished overnight.

9. Tons of expensive car repairs. Not unusual in and of themselves, it's more the way they gang up on us in clusters. It's the brakes, steering and sensors all at the same time--like they were programed to fail together. We get the car out of the shop only to turn around and book another appointment. One car will be done only to have the other one need a bunch of work and our cars aren't old! By the way, my hubby realized we never renewed the tags on the minivan possessed by the spirit of my dead grandfather. Only took him six months of driving it to notice. Oy.

10. Power surge took out the cable modem and the power cord to my lap top despite the fancy power strip. That took days to fix.

11.I'm forgetting something. So here's a place holder until I can crack the denial.

This is just in the past six weeks.

Hey, remember that summer the washer died and our house almost burned down due to an electrical short that took us a month to find?

That was kind of tame in comparison. I'm fed up with my karma and demand a recount, do you hear me universe?

Oh yeah, sorry, this is a health blog. I suppose I should mention something healthish.

Health: The one thing I never have enough of. Isn't there a computer chip for that yet?

*Purchased in the pre-$5 a gallon gas, pre-adrenal, pre-toddler PT days. If I had to buy a new fridge now? We'd be using a cooler and gas station ice.

PS: On yesterday's post I bet someone rolled their eyes and thought 'she's complaining about getting up at 7am? Sheesh, grow a pair, lady.' Keep in mind, I tend to work until about midnight, plus parent full time. I count on more sleep than I'm getting. So 7am is bad ju-ju. Also, the toddler had two nights in a row of night terrors that went on for hours. I need more sleep and it's not because I'm a delicate princess, it's because my kid is kicking my ass out of bed 24/7.

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