Thursday, April 19, 2012

Funky Town

Ah crap. I log in and Blogger has done things. New fangled things that make no sense to me because I don't think in technology, I think in swear words. If you're reading this, I overcame the odds and figured out how to post.

Anyway, still tired but hanging in there. Not taking steroids, just trying to take it easy.

Worked at my paid volunteer gig yesterday, which led to the realization that asthma has a secret handshake. So to speak.

A little one was doing that hunched over 'I can get air in, but not out' squat. Immediately I knew they had asthma as I've assumed that position many a time myself. If it's bad enough, I'll punch myself in the stomach to try and force the air out. I call it the diaphragm Heimlich maneuver.

Of course, being in a low income area, there's no inhaler. Not much medical care to speak of for these folks, but sibling said the little one has been hospitalized in the past. So I paid close attention and just tried to talk them through it, hoping it would give way.

Which it did. But boy did I sympathize with the fear in their eyes, the neck muscles straining to heave in air and the choking on air that has overstayed its welcome.

Asthma is no fun. Not even when its mild.

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