Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lost in Space

What a strange, nebulous week. I think I'm just out of whack and it's possible that at least half of me got left behind three dimensional planes ago.

Anyway, ended up taking 7.5 mg, which was a wee too much. 5mg would've been better. It helped, but then I had that edge of too much. Went to bed super early, the second the toddler was asleep I crawled under my covers.

Today, just worn out, but not planning on taking any steroids. Wish I had better news.

I think I'm going to try more iron and see if that gets me anywhere good. Maybe I'm more low iron than usual?

As for potassium, it gets checked because of the blood pressure medication and it's fine. No easy answers, I'm afraid.

Someone posted this on an old blog post:

"I have hypopituitism caused by a prolatinoma of the pituitary gland. My pituitary is not producing any ACTH so my adrenals are mainly shutdown. I take 20mg of Hydrocortisone but suffer from Chronic fatigue which has lost me my job. I also take thyroxine. Would a switch to prednisolone help with fatigue better than Hydrocortisone? I understand Pred. has an affinity for Corticosteroid Binding Glubulin whereas Hydrocortisone has not, so Pred. would give a reserve when needed.

Can anyone advise me or suggest some other means of treatment? Ideally if I could get ACTH on prescription it could slowly stimulate and revive my atrophied adrenals, but I understand this is not an option. "

And my answer is I have no idea other than to say some people do better and worse on different steroids, but it's all anecdotal. Try some of the forums linked in the 'post a comment' screen.

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