Friday, May 4, 2012

Me and My Silly Expectations

I am sick. It hit me while I was walking, trying to exercise. Gah. I cannot win! However, I don't think it's adrenal because my body is not trying to vomit simultaneously, which is what it usually does.

Of course, since it's 'stress' it triggers some adrenal badness anyway. It remains to be seen whether this will escalate into something requiring steroids or not. I hope not (as always).

I think the refrigerator repairman made me sick. He heated the fridge up to 80F with the blow dryer and it took over 24 hours for the temperature to go back down. Even with ice packs in the fridge.

The cottage cheese smelled okay, but I had a feeling it was going to cause trouble.

In fact, I can't even type the words or think about it without nausea.

Let's talk about something else, shall we?

How about the edema in my legs? I seem to have gained quite a bit of water weight all of a sudden. My shoes are too tight. My stomach is pretty bloated. Just what I've always feel extra fat! Thanks universe!

I'm drinking tons of water, putting my feet up and asking Dr. Google for help. I'm fairly confident this is nothing serious as I felt great up until I got sick just now. I suspect it's a delayed circulatory reaction to the steroids I took... last week? The week before? I lose track of time. I've had delayed reactions like this before, usually at higher doses, but never say never.

Coincidentally, I have a doctor's appointment Monday. In the interim, if I turn yellow or become short of breath, the ER will have the joy of dealing with me.

Oh good Lord, does it ever end?


  1. :( sorry to hear you're sick. The heat really is a horrible trigger for me, is it for you too?

    I hope you don't turn yellow or get short of breath and that this passes quickly.


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