Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Pictures

Warning: Images of completely unphotogenic feet ahead. Prepare yourself.

First, the irises from what passes for a garden in our front yard. We've been putting the stalks that fall over into a vase. So gorgeous! I feel like doing a Van Gogh painting of them or something.

The toddler had her first Tae Kwon Do exam yesterday. SHE BROKE A BOARD! For the first time OMG! I am so proud of her.

Here she is warming up.

And here are my feet. They are much more slender in person. I'm trying to document the edema, but the camera adds so much fat that it's hard to capture photographic evidence. I probably need to change the angle so the image isn't so distorted, because, truly, my feet look totally different in real life.

And no, I still can't breathe. Going to bed now that I've posted this. Grandparents have the toddler today.


  1. Getting a good picture of your feet is tough! And so is capturing edema/swelling. I have that problem with my hands when they do their "puff up and turn red" thing. Is the edema the kind that leaves an indent after you press on it? You could probably do a "before" and "after" picture if it is.

    Glad that grandparents are there to take the toddler. Sorry you're still feeling so bad. :(

  2. Well the edema is better and I'm pretty sure it's steroid related, which being on them now doesn't help. But it does occasionally pit.

    I've been doing okay, so the idea is to work on the before pic but they turn out looking like I have edema, when, in real life, they are much more slender.



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