Monday, July 30, 2012

Drop It Like It's Hot

Did I just post yesterday? It seems like a week has passed already!

I forgot to say re: the toddler and her grumpy mornings that if I can make her laugh we're golden.

The only problem? I have NO sense of humor in the morning. None. And when I do finally pull something out of my ass, it can have unintended consequences.

Like the time I got her giggling over the idea of our clumsy yellow lab in high heels and a dress. I then caught her chasing the poor dog through the house, trying to put shoes on his feet. I saved the yellow lab only to turn around and find that she'd tied the black lab to some furniture with a jump rope, buried her under a heap of dress-up clothes and topped it off with an open umbrella set over her.

I walked into the kitchen to see my labby love looking at me with wide, anxious eyes, her tail thumping a plaintive plea of 'save me, please save me.'

So I need to be careful about what I say to her in the morning. Don't want to plant the wrong seed. Who knows? She might tie me up next!

As for me, Sunday was a good day overall. Didn't do much though, so it wasn't like I pushed any bars.

Today was kind of blah. I finally had a blood pressure drop while I was driving. It was mild in that I didn't think loss of consciousness was imminent, but I'd really rather not even have a mild drop while driving, you know? It lasted about a minute and I was grateful for every red light.

I thought about pulling over and having the hubby come get me, but by the time I was done dithering over what to do, the whole thing was over. I proceeded to yoga and then dithered about whether I should ask the hubby to bring me some pickle juice. But that seemed lame so I just sucked it up and mentally reviewed the sodium content of everything I'd eaten (as if that would help).

I was a little loopy and light headed at yoga, but was fine on the drive home.

I haven't been checking my blood pressure much of late, so my thought is to keep a better eye on it. The progesterone might change my blood pressure for the better. I am running a little lower than usual right now, for me at least, but nothing of note...108/78.

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