Thursday, July 5, 2012

Not the Fourth I Planned

Yesterday was weirdness.

I forgot to eat.

No hunger so no interest in eating, it didn't even occur to me to eat. I totally missed the fact that meal times had come and gone without me eating anything-- so far off my radar, it fell off screen. I try to be aware of eating regularly because this is a known pitfall, and I mostly do a pretty good job, but I guess I got all caught up in preparing for the day.

I fed the toddler at least, then drove her 45 minutes to the grandparent's pulled into the driveway only to have the world tilt sideways on me. I was on the phone with the husband when it hit and I had to hang up as I was too dizzy to talk.

It was embarrassing as I essentially demanded food and juice the second my family opened the door, lurching through their house like a drunk person. I do pretty well covering all the daily insanity of my health, they'd never seen me like that. I tried to explain, tried to carry a conversation even though my brain was goo, but I probably looked like I had a drug problem of some kind.

Food helped but fatigue lingered--it would appear the problem wasn't just low blood sugar alone. I actually drove home and went to bed, sleeping until we had to leave to re-join everyone for dinner. That helped even more but I didn't come fully online until around 9pm yesterday.

So today, I'm making sure there's food in my stomach and in my purse. We have a busy day--hour and a half drive to a family event involving a fancy restaurant. It should be fun, but I'm kind of nervous about how I'm going to do it all.

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  1. :( Forgot to eat? Bad! (I forget to drink, so I am sympathetic - I always have good intentions but somehow at 3:00 PM I look at my water bottle and realize to my horror that I haven't even broken the seal) I sometimes feel shitty for a day or more after an extreme low blood sugar. I hope you're feeling better.


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