Tuesday, July 3, 2012

That Would Be a No

The pajama day was a success...kind of. The toddler must've needed the downtime because she was content to putter all day with nary a whine, which has happened pretty much never.

I made meatballs, muffins, cookies and coleslaw. As well as lunch and dinner. Got in the elliptical work out.

Felt great. Checked my bp and saw it was 100/70 and thought huh. But I went by how I felt, which was fine (see also: big mistakes) so I did what I wanted to, which was cook and exercise.

Then my bp went pfffft to 99/68. In me, that doesn't feel so great. I became fatigued and rested most of the afternoon.

By early evening the GI stuff started along with weakness.

I had a googly-eyed bp drop that I didn't measure, just breathed through it on the couch and waited until I could see straight again.

It wasn't too bad and didn't last long, probably because my highest BP of the day was 115/79.

So that would be a no on stress response recovery?

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