Sunday, August 5, 2012

Not Procrastinating

I just slept like the dead for the last three hours. The toddler has the boogies of doom. You do the math.

So. Not great news.

The weakness has already started.

May it be a wimpy cold and pass quickly.

The timing is really horrible, but at least we already deep cleaned the entire basement in anticipation of our guest. That was the hardest part. The rest of it the hubby can mostly do without me if I'm too whacked to be helpful.

I've accomplished what I can with my writing goal. The first two projects came together so easily, but the third was a nightmare. It's not going to be publishable any time soon, ergo I counted having a really ugly rough draft as a win and am moving on. It'll need to sit for a while before I can edit it into anything worthy of publication. So now I publish the first two parts hopefully this coming week and start work on the next project.

Assuming this cold doesn't hinder me too much.


  1. Nooooo! Not another cold! Does vitamin C megadosing work for you? Sometimes it does for me, although I have to be careful how much C I take at one sitting. Not fun for the gut.


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