Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Where There's Smoke

The cold is on its way out. I think. Since I've blown my nose exactly once...I doubt it's going to morph into anything exciting. Although I'm still lagging on the energy front.

Getting up at 5:30 this morning did not help. The hubby's alarm went off, a death knell for sleep, at least for me.

And suddenly I can't go to sleep so well.

I can't stop thinking about the circus.


We went and they were hiring and it captured my imagination. Then I found a PBS documentary and watched it with rapt attention.

Now it plays in a loop in my head, looking for story angles.

During the day, there's too much going on for daydreaming, but when I finally lay down for the night, there's literally a three ring circus in my head.

Sleep issues on both ends don't help.

Our third house guest of the year has arrived. Conveniently, no one mentioned they smoke like a chimney.

My airways not only react to actual smoke, but also the residue on the smoker's skin and clothing. The severity of the asthmatic reaction depends on how stable my lungs are.

This teeny tiny cold has destabilized my lungs. Someone had a fire a few nights ago and one whiff of that had me hacking like I was a smoker. We had to seal up the house and run the a/c.

So I'm bit anxious about how this is going to go.

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