Friday, September 28, 2012

In and Out

The past week has been weird. The asthma is a pita one day, improved the next only cycle back to bad. I also spent the week battling progressively worsening fatigue.

Would you believe I am still coughing up gunk from this cold!?

I finally felt up for a walk yesterday, but tanked significantly afterwards.  Almost comatose with the tireds. I hate how that feels!

So it would appear that I still can't outpace bugs on my own. There's still some level of adrenal response. Although it's not what it was, which is good.

Tonight I get to start progesterone again and I hope that will turn things around.

On the writing front... I have not had the most productive month. I had a bunch of releases early in the month, which I had written the month before, but have yet to produce much new work. The name of the game also happens to be 'release or die' so low output is bad.

Finally, last night, a story started flowing and came out fully structured. I was afraid to stop writing and worked until almost 1am. Previously, the stuff I'd written lacked plot, or I would know the entry point of the story, i.e. the set up, but flounder after that. Which makes me appreciate when stories show up with a beginning, middle and end that will only need light editing.

I much prefer sitting down to write knowing exactly what happens next and how it ends as opposed to staring at the screen going 'now what?' and then procrastinating by surfing the internet.  I hope one story will still find a middle and an end yet, but another I think will have to be trashed--it's no good.

My earnings quadrupled this month. I think that had some psychological effect on my output. It was one thing when the money wasn't much more than extra groceries, but now it's bigger than that. I found myself preoccupied this month, watching my sales grow and feeling a sense a exhilarated panic about it all.

 Surely the readers made a mistake, right? The returns will come any day now. I won't sell anything ever again. Next month will be back to peanuts. Etc...

Like I said, it messes with my head a bit. Thankfully this story showed up to save me from myself.

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