Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Update

Things are trucking along over here.

I am excited to say that I no longer become ill with exercise. It might tire me out and I'm certainly keeping it low impact, but I can work out and then continue to be productive.

And when was the last time I was on here complaining about stomach flu whatsit? Several months, no? That's pretty major, in my opinion.

For the first time in 2.5ish years.

I currently do not have a cold, although I remain wary. Germs seem to lurve me long time. (Got my flu shot though!)

Weight is an issue. I've only gained about 7lbs BUT my body shape has changed as if I've gained 20lbs. I'm up a size. I'm sure this can be attributed to several factors:


2.I'm not as fit as I was so I think the muscle tone has gone slack.

3.I'm not in the adrenal pit anymore so I have an appetite plus...

4.Full resurgence of insulin resistance. The adrenal insufficiency tipped the balance in favor of weight loss. That is now gone.

On the one hand, I kind of don't care because I'm just so happy to feel better. On the other hand...there's a lot of negative self talk. I beat myself up.

I'm avoiding the scale (because who needs that downer?) and focusing on exercise and eating right. We'll see what shakes out. Maybe someday the switch will flip and there will actually be a relationship between my lifestyle and weight. Right now there's no correlation.

Tomorrow I get up at the buttcrack of dawn to get a blood draw. We'll see what all my hormone levels are like now that I've been on progesterone for a few months.

As for writing...I did hit the Top 100. I was soooo excited. I have been working like a dog though, which is why I haven't been posting much here. Starting next month I hope to translate my stories into German which is, if my memory is correct, the second largest book market in the world.

I also need to take time off--my work ethic is killing me. I'm trashing my hands with all the clicking and typing and plan to get some dictation equipment to take the physical strain off my body.

I've almost reached full time income level from writing. Not a high paying full time income, but enough that I can say I'm a fully employed writer. (Also, I'm making more than most traditionally published writers see in a year, which blows my mind!) Of course, once the business expenses and taxes are taken away it's not as much. And who knows how long it will last? The internet spins on a dime. It could all be gone tomorrow.

Still it's very exciting! I also got some fan mail recently! Woo!

Okay, that's all I have time for... gotta dash to an appointment.


  1. So happy for you on all fronts I could weep. Just throw out the scale. Everything else is so much more important!

  2. Thanks for the update. And such good news too.

    I fully endorse the dictation software. It's excellent. I use Dragon (windows) at home and train people on it at work. Love that program. Love that they market it mainstream too, so it's not just "assistive technology". I have a lot of arm and hand pain, I find the split/adjustable keyboards help too, because as much as I love Dragon, there are times when I have to type. I'm planning to look into alternative mouse devices as well. Possibly a joystick style. And lastly, for me, a wrist brace is a necessity otherwise I will routinely twist my hands into configurations even a typing teacher would shudder at. My motto is becoming "just because you CAN move that way doesn't mean you SHOULD".

    I'm so excited to hear about your writing news. It's really wonderful.


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