Monday, November 5, 2012

Almost Hormone Free!

Here's a good analogy...

Steroids are the AIDs of medication. The under reported epidemic. The testing is poor. The medical science and education are lacking. And the patients suffer.

Why is this coming up now?

Just saw Dr. Alternative today and we touched on how much the steroids have messed with my health.

And it bummed me out.

Beyond that we're playing around with the progesterone dosing. I'm a little fuzzy on the details because the kiddo was with me and refusing to behave so I was rather distracted. Let's hope it's spelled out on the prescription.

I did catch that now my estrogen levels are really low. I am unsure if that's due to the progesterone or menopause or some other hormonal weirdness. Dr. Alternative isn't sure either but we discussed the possibility of menopause (at 39!).  My estrogen wasn't terribly high before either, which is odd given the whole PCOS estrogen dominance thing that's supposed to be going on.

I would not be surprised if I'm about the cross the border into Menopause. Nothing hormonal works properly in my body. Here I am again not making enough hormones. Quelle surprise! So why the hell not be in menopause?

Due to my age it's time to start thinking about mammograms. Dr. Alternative wants me to do a thermogram/thermography thingymajig. I'm interested, but will have to research it.

As for the boogies of doom. I'm sick. Then I'm not. It's a weird thing. I think my body isn't happy with the increase in exercise intenstiy.

I don't know what to do about it. I need to exercise. For my health. For my sanity. To release the kinks from my horrible writing ergonomics.

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